Polk sound bar & wireless subwoofer

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Re: Polk sound bar & wireless subwoofer

Postby GiGiTalks » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:32 am

We purchased the DSB1 soundbar and DSB2 Wireless Subwoofer from a DISH technician when he was out replacing a Joey with an updated 4K Joey. It was around Thanksgiving and my husband thought it would be a good gift for the family for Christmas. I wrapped it and put it under the tree.

On Christmas morning, we opened it and couldn't get it to even POWER ON. Called DISH. No luck trouble shooting. Polk customer services, is of course, CLOSED on weekends and holidays. Got them on Dec 27th when they were open again. They said they would send out a replacement sound bar and prepaid label to return original.

Received new sound bar on Saturday Dec 31. Polk is CLOSED. Replacement sound bar WOULD NOT POWER ON. I had my husband troubleshoot, my brother, who is very technical, troubleshoot, and a male friend that was over for the holidays, troubleshoot, to no avail. We could not power on the sound bar, even used two different tv's, tried a separate similiar power cord, plugged original and similiar power cords directly into wall outlet and into a surge protector that also had the Christmas tree lights plugged into it. NO POWER.

Called DISH today, first day after observed holiday on Jan 2nd. DISH will not refund my money for the $349.99 spent on Nov 23rd because they said I called after the 30 day warrenty. NO I CALLED ON DEC 25th!!!!!!!!!!!! They did not help me then and now say they cannot help me now.

I am currently on hold with POLK. We will see if they refund the money that I paid to DISH not to them. DO NOT BUY THIS SOUND SYSTEM FROM DISH!!!!!! I cannot find anything online about the DSB1 and DSB2 Polk systems only the Polk 3000 and 5000 systems which I am sure are better products. I will update you with what happens.

RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING PRODUCTS THROUGH DISH! I would not have bought this, but my husband thought it sounded like a good deal. We currently have a VIZIO that I bought on Thanksgiving Black Friday deals for $150 for the kids' television that sounds awesome and we have had NO PROBLEMS.
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Re: Polk sound bar & wireless subwoofer

Postby peggyrh » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:38 am

Dish isn't the problem, Polk is, they made the product & you should have a warranty through them. If Polk won't stand behind it then contact your credit card company.
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Re: Polk sound bar & wireless subwoofer

Postby BethanieA » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:54 am

Hello GiGi,

These items do include a 1 year Warranty from Polk. When you spoke with Polk and received the replacement did they go through any troubleshooting steps with you? Please send me a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN so I may review your account further.
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