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Postby Antiganise82 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:28 pm

I have to post this because I am 100% not happy with my response from "Corporate" about their decision.
I signed up with the Hopper 2 package about 3 weeks ago. While speaking with the sales rep, (Brian), he confirmed the phrase word for the "FREE" EchoDot that was to come with my package. He explained that it would come with the tech that was to install my dish. As the tech finished his closing contract info to me I asked about the "FREE" echodot I was to receive from him, he said it was not in the install contract he had. hmm, odd. Nor did he have any extras on his truck because "corp" does not like to just hand them out, only if it's on the order does he carry them. He explained that I need to contact customer support and they would be able to help me on that matter. I did contact customer support only to be told that I need to contact Amazon for the echodot item. HUH!? Well ok, so I contact AMAZON customer support and dude tells me that they do not have anything to do with sending out echodots to DISH customers. Pretty much knew that was coming. No surprise there. Ok, back to DISH customer support. I explain the situation to the rep with DISH and she tells me I had a choice to receive the echodot on the friend referral promo but I chose the $50 option. Umm, NO!! That is a completely different promo ma'am I says. She spends 10mins trying to convince me that I should have chose the echodot because that's where I was suppose to receive it from. NO LISTEN TO ME LADY! gawd. Finally after asking to speak to a stupidvisor, being put on hold for 10mins, she comes back and says she now see's that in fact I should have received the "FREE" echodot with my package I signed up for. She would have to connect me to a specialist for my matter. Great now we're getting somewhere, I assumed. WRONG! After spending another 10mins explaining to the "specialist" what's happened, he tells me I should have received an email containing a link for a code that would get me the "FREE" echodot item when I originally signed up for my package deal. So I spend 15mins going through my emails from a week earlier. Meanwhile he is waiting on the phone with me. I have to admit this dude sounded sincere. After searching through emails I confirm to "Jus" that there is no email from DISH or any other dept with DISH containing a link for the "FREE" echodot code. Jus tells me he is going to submit a request to another dept with DISH for an email to be sent to me that would contain a link for the "FREE" echodot that I should have received day one of installation. I should give it about four or five days and if I do not receive that email by then call DISH back and ask if anything is been done about it. I gave it five days and still no email from DISH or any other DISH dept. Ok, back on the phone again only to be told by the rep that "Corporate" has decided that I am not eligible for the "FREE" echodot that I was told I was eligible for with the package I signed up with. REALLY?! When was this decision made I asked the rep. That was made on the tenth of August. Two days after my original case was started by Jus. I waited five days only to be told NO from a rep instead of from someone from corporate in an email. Had I not called back on the fifth day, I would have not found out either way about receiving the "FREE" echodot I was suppose to get. WOW!! LACK OF COMMUNICATION!! "Dish" would rather lose an account then to just send out an item I was suppose to receive on the install. An item that Dish, proly pays very little or next to nothing for. UNREAL! This is bad, very bad decision making on the Corporate Heads. I am so right now and it's all over a $10 item. It gets even better now. I was told by the tech that installed my dish, DISH does have a 30 day grace period if I were to chose to cancel my account. I ask this to the rep that has told me about corporates decision. She doesn't really know about the canceling stipulations on early termination fees. So she connects me to another rep that does in fact tell me there is "NO 30 day grace period" It would cost me blah blah blah amount to cancel my account. WTF is going on with DISH and their training courses. Seems as if corporate cant even get that part right. Lately it seems like it's not about customer appreciation at all! It's all about the money going into corporate head pockets. These companies get your signature on a contract promising all kinds of goodies and then after you sign, you really find out that you just got screwed over and your not getting out of that contract w/out some kind of punishment for someone else's lack of knowledge in that business that started the whole mishap. I know not everyone runs into these problems, that it is generally about 5% to 7% out of the 100% of customers that do. With these cases being as small as they might be, you might think the Corporate Heads would take that into consideration and really want to make those unhappy 5% to 7% customers happy enough to stay with that business and continue paying for it. This is not the case with DISH and several businesses anymore. I've only been a DISH customer for less then three weeks and already I'm about to cancel my account. 2 year agreement or not, I don't care at this point. It's not even about the item anymore, it's the principle of the matter. CASE CLOSED!!!!
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Postby ErikaP » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:38 am

Can you send a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN?
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Postby wvricky2 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:28 pm

Many years ago, I enjoyed playing around with a cassette recorder and a telephone recording attachment that simply fastened to the telephone with a suction cup while the other end of the wire plugged into the cassette recorder. I know, most people use smart phones these days. I know very little about smart phones, except that I am smart enough to know that I am glad I am NOT addicted to them. I assume they digitally record and if they are like digital answering machines, they have limited recording time available. I do not know if they even make cassette recorders any more. But it seems that if DISH records all conversations between customers and CSR's, then to protect ourselves, we customers should record the conversations, or insist upon E-mail verification of any and all potential or actual transactions conducted by telephone. And make it clear that nothing will be signed when the TECH is ready to leave one's house, UNTIL a paper document detailing services rendered and equipment installed, plus a listing of any and all incentives or inducements promised to the customer, is signed by the installer and placed in the customer's hand. If the installer is not willing to do provide the document, tell him or her to just remove everything and take it back. It just seems that since DISH protects itself, customers should protect themselves.
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Postby Chadt4141 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:00 pm

Customers have that option. However, the calls are internationally routed, so you have to have permission from all parties to record the conversation. Otherwise it's a violation of wiretapping laws. Not saying that any negative actions would be taken, but can be used to make any customer recordings inadmissible.
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